School of Nursing at Fukuoka

Department of Nursing

Fostering nursing professionals with great respect for every “life” and with well-balanced personalities

As our society is now at a turning point with a diverse sense of value, cooperation is developing in health, medical and welfare settings. In this kind of working environment, nurses are expected to work as coordinators in medical teams. As a general university in the field of co-medical professionals, students are given more chances to meet and learn from specialists in other professions. Our aim is to foster well-trained nurses with international and ethical minds. We also emphasize health promotion and protection. We plan to organize a home care network with the staff at the Okawa campus.

Fundamental Nursing
Fundamental Nursing
Reproductive health Nursing
Reproductive health Nursing

Features of Department of Nursing

We encourage students to become nurses who quest for understanding the entirety of human beings.
Our goal is to integrate methods and services to develop multi-disciplinary nursing.
Our plan is to organize a new system for home care in order to respond to recent social needs.
We adopt a multi-cultural way of thinking so as to be able to contribute in global clinical scenes.

Four-year Curriculum

Four-year Curriculum (Department of Nursing)

Four-year Curriculum (Department of Nursing)

Curriculum Outline

  • Functional Morphology in Nursing Science Ⅱ
  • Basic SeminarⅠ
  • Theories and Methods Nursing Techniques
  • Community Assessment and Diagnosis
  • lnternational Nursing
  • Clinical Nursing Laboratory
  • National Licenses
    • Registered Nurse
    • Public Health Nurse
  • Expected Places of Work for Graduates
    • Health and/or medical institutions
    • Community public health centers
    • Health administration offices
    • Home care nursing stations
    • Health care clinics in companies
    • Educational/research institutions
    • Nursing management